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Cortrol Diabetes

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About Course

About this course

This program is designed to help control and/or prevent diabetes naturally. Medical science says that diabetes is a lifestyle related disease and it is mostly driven by stress and anxiety. In this program, you will learn and practice yoga, pranayama and other techniques to control diabetes by restoring your pancreatic health, and gut health and by reducing stress and anxiety. This program will also help you to gain control over other psychosomatic problems like insomnia, back pain, and IBS and gradually you will enjoy a healthy life with minimum or no medicine. It is a 3-month program and it includes 2 medical tests (for FBS, ABF, HBA1C1) to see the changes in your blood sugar before and after the program. If you find a positive change, you can consult with your doctor to reduce or stop medicines. However, you must keep yoga and other practices on.

How to join:

  1. PHYSICALLY:  You will get these from the physical program:

– training sessions to learn necessary yoga asana, pranayama and kriya

– medical tests (2 times): FBS, 2ABF, and HBA1C1

– workshops and relevant discussions on diabetes and related facts.

– practice sessions for regular people, and for senior citizens (chair yoga, if needed)



Course Content

Beginner Level

  • Vishuddha Chakra
  • Yoga Nidra

Medium Level

Hardcore Level

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