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About this program:

Obesity or being overweight is a serious problem today. Often we run after shortcuts or abnormal diet plans to lose weight overnight. These methods sometimes may give us quick results but that does not last long. Eventually, after a few days, we again gain weight and go back to the earlier position or even worse, when we come out of those monotonous programs. Eventually, weight loss and weight gain turn into a vicious cycle.

But no worries, losing weight does NOT always mean

  • monotonous yo-yo diet, or
  • exhausting exercises, or
  • cutting all the delicious food for the rest of your life.

This program is different!

It is a 3-month weight loss program based on yoga. We will practice yoga, pranayama, and yogic workout to stimulate the metabolism and lose weight naturally and most important, without any side effects. This way we can have full control over our weight and live fit. The weight loss program comes in 3 different formats. Choose the best option for you.



Course Content

Basic Level

  • Heart Opener
  • Yoga for Anxiety

Mid Level

Hardcore Level

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